Terms & Conditions (“Terms”)

Last Amended: July 9, 2021

Liberty Hard Assets LLC offers an exclusive inventory of deliverable products. Our specialties include Precious Metals and Rare Collectable coins. Our inventory list is updated weekly on our website; however it does not include all of your purchase options. We are continuously striving to improve our available inventory to fill any holes your collection may have.

All deliverable products are fully insured through transit and delivery. Courier loses a package? No problem. We will replace your products first and ask questions later. When purchasing a rare coin it is recommended that the piece is insured beyond delivery. Please note, prices are not indicated on our inventory due to daily fluctuations in the market and supply. Any transaction with Liberty Hard Assets LLC is to be taken as a collectible purchase. We are not an investment firm. No promise of market value or liquid pricing will ever be represented by Liberty Hard Assets LLC. Liberty Hard Assets LLC also provides no assistance, with reselling, grading, or providing liquid values for any inventory purchased. Liberty Hard Assets LLC’s sole liability is to acquire the inventory and then ship in it a timely manner. Every piece of inventory purchased from Liberty Hard Assets LLC will be carefully inspected prior to delivery. All under $1,000.00 orders will backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, anything past that is no longer eligible for return under any circumstances.

For pricing indications, please call (561) 292-9100 to get started with one of our experienced sales representatives.

Return Policy

Last Amended: July 9, 2021

Due to the market fluctuations any purchase made is final upon delivery. There is a 30 day return policy on any purchase under $1,000 USD. It does not apply to any larger order because of market fluctuations/most products are on per order consignment.

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